Rederij Noordgat Terschelling


Noordgat Towing and Salvage

Shipping Company Noordgat is a Dutch towage and salvage company located on Terschelling, one of the Frisian Islands in the north of The Netherlands. The location makes Terschelling the ideal strategic point to assistance vessels in the busy shipping lanes north of the Island and in the ecologically fragile area.

Noordgat Towing and Salvage has successfully accomplished a variety of challenging salvage jobs. Our core business comprise salvage, sea and harbour activities.

Our company operates with a fleet of 1 tug and 4 fast rescuecrafts with power ranging from 750 hp up to 3.300 hp - 40 tbp and provided with excellent towage, salvage and fire figting equipment, operated by a highly professional crew

The tug Hunter can assist vessels adrift and aground and is perfectly equipped for fire fighting and refloating / salvage duties.
Our versatile fast rescuecrafts can perform a variety of salvage jobs. Their excellent manoeuvrability makes them perfect for diving operations. 

We are 24 hrs a day stand-by to assist commercial- and pleasure vessels under all weather conditions.

Towing & Salvage



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